We are your Partner!


We offer you a large selection of different steel and industrial products from our wide range of suppliers.


It’s not only about our products, but about the services we offer you.


Pisec Group offers you an extensive range of steel and other industrial products. Packing material is also part of our product range. This means you can buy different kinds of products from one source.


With every delivery we provide you all documents and certificates you may need. We can provide data even several years after delivery. Our sales process includes offer, order confirmation, delivery notice and invoice.


Most of our especially Eastern European suppliers require 100% pre-financing of the ordered products. We finance for you. With our extensive financing ability you don’t have to worry about financing material in an Eastern European country or non-insurable suppliers.


We are an international company with branches all over the world. We have contact persons in different international languages that are directly in your market and are specialists in their line of business.


We offer you direct delivery to your stock or company, anywhere, anytime. You can choose if we should organize the transport or if you would like to use your own logistics. With deliveries just in time from our stocks we can provide products exactly when you need them.


We are a trustworthy and secure company with a history of nearly 70 years. We know the market, we know the people and we know the products.


"Think global, act local"

Karl Pisec


Jürgen Hackl


Mathias Gerber


PISEC Group is a global trading company managing product flows from all continents and adding value by servicing our customer’s needs.

The history of PISEC Group goes back many decades, when in the mid-1950’s Karl Pisec’s father founded a trading company in Vienna supplying Western Europe with products from the East. The company quickly became an important player in dealing with different commodities and services.

To guarantee continuity Karl Pisec took over the management from his father in 1994 after transforming the company into a limited liability corporation. The business was further expanded and PISEC Group strengthened its presence in international markets.

In 2017, after already being part of the company for nearly ten years, Patrick Teischl took over the management of the group and gradually built today’s highly diversified, agile and modern corporate structure. Within his period as CEO he managed the purchase and integration of Zimmer Staal, one of the most successful group entities as of today.

During 2021 Patrick Teischl handed over to Mathias Gerber as Chief Operating Officer and Jürgen Hackl as Chief Financial Officer. Karl Pisec, managing owner of PISEC Group, together with his team, steers today’s rapidly growing company structure to ensure a sustainable future for the group.

Besides our headquarters in Vienna we have offices in New York, Miami, Mumbai, Katowice and Lier that enable us to increase the proximity to our customer and suppliers and respond most efficiently to needs of the markets.

our offices

We offer you a worldwide service structure, in your market.

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Headquarters, Vienna, Austria

Being the headquarters since 1950, the Viennese office functions as coordinator between the different worldwide activities and offices, besides servicing its own customer base.

PISEC Group Austria GmbH
Gusshausstrasse 12
1040 Vienna, Austria
e-mail: office@pisec.com
phone: +43 1 505 32 15

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New York City, USA
Our sales offices for the Americas located in Miami and New York serve our customers with speciality steel.

PISEC Group America, LLC
57 W 57th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10019, USA
e-mail: newyork@pisec.com
phone: +1 646 416 7893
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Miami, USA

PISEC Group America, LLC
201 S Biscayne Blvd, Suite # 1330
Miami, FL 33131, USA
e-mail: miami@pisec.com
phone: +1 305 810 28 28

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